Meet Joy Rhodes

Hello!  My name is Joy Rhodes and I am the owner of Joy Design Online.  Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my website!  I have been helping small businesses with website design and internet marketing with Joy Design Online since 2006.  Prior to that time, I utilized my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Houston-Victoria in several positions in both non-profit organizations and large for-profit companies.  To view my experience, please feel free to visit my LinkedIn Profile.  I am currently based in Amherst, Virginia.

As you can see, our branding is a butterfly.  I personally have a special love for butterflies, but I chose to use them here because they symbolize new beginnings!  A big part of my services include new beginnings for my clients – new websites, new marketing ventures, a new outlook on their business life.  I am here to help you in your new beginnings.  Even if you have been around a while, you may feel like you need a new beginning to get things rolling again in your business.  Or you may be a brand new business, starting out and needing everything that online marketing can give to make your business a success.   I look forward to the opportunity to help you where you are in your business life stage.  Feel free to contact me through my contact page with any questions!